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The Cleveland Touring Club hosts 19 rides across five pace groups throughout the riding season on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. Learn more below and get in contact with a ride leader.

In addition there is a weekly Sunday ride which leaves from various locations around Lake, Geauga, Cuyahoga, and Ashtabula Counties.

Rides are intended to cater to people of all abilities. [Some disclaimer about different paces and what to expect in the area regarding terrain]. See below to find out which days offer rides that cater to your interest.  Rides may start as early as 6pm during March, April, and September.  Contact the ride leader or visit the Weekday ride pages for the most detailed information about a particular ride.

Day          A
  Alt C
(No drop)
Tues. X X X X  X
Wed. X X X X      XX
Thurs. X X X X  X
Sun. X X X X   


Chagrin Falls

Season Begins first Tuesday of April
Location Mountain Road Cycles (Chagrin Falls)

Leaving from Mountain Road Cycles, the Tuesday night Chagrin Falls takes in the scenery of beautiful Geauga County. With three paces to choose from there is certain to be somebody you can ride with. For more information contact the ride leaders.

Pace Time Ride Leader
A 6:30 PM OPEN: Self led at this time. Open for Leader.
B/B+ 6:30 PM Craig Connors (cwconnors1@gmail.com)
C/C+ 6:30 PM Jim Pintchuk (jpintchuk@live.com)
Social    OPEN: Ride Leader Needed!
Contact Rich Leskovec (RJLeskovec@hotmail.com)
if interested.

Concord (Quail Hollow)

Season Begins first Tuesday of April
Location Quail Hollow G. C. (Maintenance Bldg. Parking Lot)

This ride, leaving from Quail Hollow Golf Course, is a great launching point for some of the best riding in Lake and Geauga Counties. In addition to the A, B, and C paced groups there is also a social ride for those who want to meet other cyclists. Afterwards head to Panini's for good company and great food!

Pace Time Ride Leader
6:30 PM Tom Taylor (taylor8072@live.com)
B/B+ 6:30 PM Al Mihok (alanmihok@aol.com)
C/C+ 6:30 PM Ken Brichacek (ken422@sbcglobal.net)
Social 6:30 PM Nan Horvath (nanvath@yahoo.com)


North Chagrin

Season Begins first Wednesday of April
Location North Chagrin Reservation

The North Chagrin B ride follows a regular route through the suburbs of Cuyahoga County before visiting some of the Emerald Necklace. If riding the same route each week is not your thing there is a C ride with a different route each week with *some* pace lines, or, an alternative C ride, the "Alt C" ride, with no pace lines, as well as a social pace ride whose distance and route are determined based on rider ability.

Pace Time Ride Leader
6:00 PM Eric Connolly (rice1913@gmail.com)
B/B+ 6:00 PM Craig Connors (cwconnors1@gmail.com)
C 6:00 PM George Kinnard (wheelsofmayhem52@gmail.com)
Alt C6:15 PMRon Boetger (rboetger@gmail.com)
Social 7:00 PM Frank Zoretich (fjz_53@twc.com)


North Chagrin

A signature event for the Cleveland Touring Club, the Thursday night rides are designed for riders of all abilities.  Each week, routes vary in length and terrain type based mainly on ride leader preference, and hours of available sunlight.

Season - A/B/B+ riders begin - March 16
- C/C+ riders begin - April 13
- Social riders begin - April 13
Location North Chagrin Reservation
Pace Time Ride Leader
6:30 PM Mike Schmidt (michael_schmidt2us@yahoo.com)
6:30 PM
Craig Connors (cwconnors1@gmail.com)
C/C+ 6:30 PM
Travis Penick (travis.penick@gmail.com)
Social  6:30 PM Greg Ubic (gregubic@gmail.com)  


Sunday tours

Season First Sunday of April to last Sunday of October
Location Various locations

Sunday rides are open to riders of all abilities. The pace depends on who attends but there will often be a riding partner with which to share the scenery of northeastern Ohio. Starting from locations all around Lake, Geauga, Cuyahoga, and Ashtabula counties, these self directed tours are a great way to see the sights. For more information and a complete schedule check the Weekend ride schedule.

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